14th September 2023: PostgreSQL 16 Released!


Who are we?

A PostgreSQL database developer is someone who is actually working on the project, not someone using it to develop an application or a website. We don't hire programmers, we reach across the Internet, drawing the best database developers in the world to PostgreSQL. Read about the people behind PostgreSQL and check out the group picture from the 2006 PostgreSQL Anniversary Summit.

What will you find here?

The information available in this section will mainly interest PostgreSQL developers. Here you'll find the roadmap with current TODO list, coding and testing information, CommitFests, mailing lists, and the developer FAQ. Keep in mind the information available here is not necessarily available in the release version of PostgreSQL - it may not yet even be in the development version.

What is a CommitFest?

A CommitFest is a period during the PostgreSQL feature development where committers and contributors focus on reviewing, testing, and getting patches committed. Patches are registered in the CommitFest application, which PostgreSQL developers use to track the patch status. There are typically 5 CommitFests in a major release cycle: July, September, November, January, and March. The March CommitFest is the final CommitFest in a major release, which is followed by "feature freeze" and the beginning of the beta period. A "CommitFest Manager" manages a CommitFest and has responsibilities to help manage the list of patches. Anyone can participate in a CommitFest and it is a great way to get started contributing to PostgreSQL. You can submit a patch to be included in a CommitFest, sign up to review a patch, or become a CommitFest Manager (though CommitFest Managers tend to have some level of experience in the community).

Google Summer of Code Program

The PostgreSQL Project is a proud participant in Google's Summer of Code program. If you are interested in working on a PostgreSQL related project, please check out our Summer of Code page.